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When we pitched ‘A Fox’s Tale’ to the publishers, they struggled to fit it into a single ‘genre’. It was part memoirs but not strictly in that category; part business book on strategy but not a soulless, hardcore business book; it was partly aimed at women, but only incidentally; and it was partly motivational, but not a cliched ‘Yes, you can!’ kind of motivation book. I hate those. It was agreed though that it would be carried under ‘Business’ in bookstores.

In the end Daryl summarised it thus: “It’s packed with strategic insights, but reads like an adventure novel”. Ideally, the idea was that someone should pick it up, start reading, get to the end of the first chapter, then immediately want to read the next chapter, get to the end of that one, then immediately want to read the next, and so on and so on, and in the process hoover up all manner of strategic insights.

The result: they should feel like they’re on a journey with me, and should ideally read it in one sitting, pausing only to refill their wine glass; and when they got to the end they should smile and say ‘what a great story’.

So I was particularly excited when I received a call from Michael Avery, the host of Classic Business on Classic FM, who said that he had picked up the book and read it in one sitting, loved it, said it was a great story, and wanted to know if I’d chat to him on-air about it.

How could I say no?

The interview  was broadcast on Friday 22nd July. If you missed it, you can find it here.

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