Chat with Lindsay Williams on Fine Business Radio

Every radio interview I do is different. The outcome depends on the interviewer – how prepared they are, their nature and their character – and if there’s a connection between us.

Lindsay Williams is the host of Fine Business Radio on Fine Music Radio, a Cape Town-based station that carries classical music, jazz and all manner of music for the more sophisticated listener. It’s a joy to listen to, especially in the evenings when driving home.

However, Lindsay (above right with producer Rebecca, centre) has earned a reputation as a firm, no-nonsense authority on business and someone who pulls no punches with guests. So when he asked me to pop in to talk about ‘A Fox’s Tale’, I did so with a measure of trepidation.

I needn’t have worried. He was an absolute gentleman – there was definitely a connection between us – and it was such a lovely interview, partly because he also suggested Daryl – as the person who penned my story – be part of the interview.

Click on the play button below.