Since 2001 Chantell has helped guide the strategic conversations of executive teams of hundreds of multinationals and other organisations worldwide, across fields such as mining and resources, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, accounting, legal and other professional services, asset management and investment, retail, transportation, industrial and manufacturing activities, as well as water and food security.

She facilitates using The Conversation Model (see below) – a proprietary methodology she designed together with her partner Clem Sunter.

ConMod 3


They believe that the best people to sketch scenarios and shape the strategic direction for any organisation are those who are expected to implement the strategy – it simply needs to be unlocked using The Conversation Model. As a result, the conversation can be over one day, one-and-a-half days, or two days depending on the client’s needs.

The strategic conversation is in two parts: firstly defining the game and secondly playing the game. Facilitation includes the sketching and construction of tailor-made scenarios and the best options to cope with the challenges and risks contained in them. An added offering is the post-session data analysis and session write-up, including a more detailed development of the organisation’s scenarios into richer stories.

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