Scenario Strategist

Chantell is the co-founder with Clem Sunter of the scenario strategy partnership mindofafox, named after the title of their best-selling book The Mind of a Fox – the first of three they have written together. They operate worldwide from out of Cape Town.

Clem was the driving force behind the famous High Road/Low Road scenarios that in the late 1980s helped steer South Africa onto a course for a peaceful transition to democracy. Successful though the High Road/Low Road scenarios were, scenario planning itself remained, globally, the almost exclusive domain of multinationals like Shell and Anglo American, and required highly skilled teams working over weeks, even months to produce a complete set of scenarios.

It was a chance meeting between Clem and Chantell Ilbury, then a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, that was to change all that, and help establish South Africa as the genesis of the new wave of scenario strategy.

The Mind of a Fox introduced their Foxy Matrix, later developed into The Conversation Model, which is structured around the metaphor of a game, given that any organisation operates in an environment with players, rules (both written and unwritten) and uncertainties.

Since 2001 they have used their proprietary method of incorporating scenarios into strategic thinking with tens of thousands of people around the world, and influenced many of the world’s business leaders in how they should approach the future.

Chantell also lectures on strategy and scenario planning for a number of top business schools.

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