Since 2001 Chantell has earned a reputation as a highly experienced and versatile speaker, addressing audiences as far afield as the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Ukraine, Australia, Jamaica, Kuwait, Singapore, India, Mauritius, Réunion Island, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, as well as throughout Southern Africa.

Her extensive experience as a facilitator of executive-level strategic conversation allows her to draw on strategic insights developed across many fields such as mining and resources, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, accounting, legal and other professional services, asset management and investment, retail, transportation, industrial and manufacturing activities, as well as water and food security.

Here is a list of her current talks:

  1. The Leadership Evolution – Shifts brought about by powerful megatrends demand business and political leaders be agile and authentic…or risk becoming redundant. [In this talk Chantell highlights the megatrends that are driving dramatic changes in business and politics and the impact this is having on the type of leadership that is required].
  2. Moving the Dial: The Emergence of ‘Consumer Leadership’ – Like shifting from analog to digital, businesses are losing control of innovation to the consumer, creating an innovation tension. [In this talk Chantell explains why, and how, consumers are leading innovation – a prerequisite for business growth – and the impact this is having on the relationship between businesses and their consumers].
  3. Shifting Scenarios – Possible futures for Africa and the world. [In this talk Chantell highlights the continually shifting global and African scenarios and the interplay between them, raising the question of what are Africa’s key priorities].
  4. Constructing your Future – Strategic thinking as a competitive advantage. [Using scenarios and unique case studies, in this talk Chantell explains how to build capacity for strategic thinking and develop a competitive advantage in the age of intelligence].
  5. Flagwatching – How to identify the flags that are changing the game. [In this talk Chantell explains how something we do naturally every day can be applied in the use of scenarios to identify possible changes in your game ahead of your competition. This is especially critical in today’s rapidly-changing times].
  6. Education and Entrepreneurism – The dramatic shifts in the business environment mean traditional models of education have to change. [In this talk Chantell explains how true entrepreneurism can be encouraged within young people to help them be adapt to these shifts].
  7. Backwards and in high heels – A woman in a businessman’s world. [In this talk Chantell speaks candidly about steering the strategic decisions of executive teams – still almost exclusively male; dealing with physical threat, controversy and reputational risk; and the dangers of a woman travelling the world alone; and she also provides refreshing perspectives on balancing the demands of family and business, and on women in the corporate working environment].

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